Kawasaki Jet Ski Resources and How to Repair One

January 20th, 2020 7:54 pm

Kawasaki Jet Ski Resources and How to Repair One
M&M Powersports & Marine is one of the worlds leading suppliers of used parts for Kawasaki Jet Ski's. On this page we have gathered together some resources to help you fix your broken Jet Ski and get it back on the water asap!

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Many people refer to any type of PWC (Personal Water Craft) as a "Jet Ski" but in fact Jet Ski is a registered trade mark of Kawasaki so really only refers to their models.

Stand Up Models

The first Kawasaki Jet Ski was a stand up model released in 1972 in the USA. The WSAA and follow-on WSAB were powered by modified 400cc 2 stroke twin cylinder engines.

Between 1976 and 1986 Kawasaki released the JS400 the JS440, JS300 and the JS550.

Between 1987 and 1992 Kawasaki introduced the JS650-A and the JS750-A.

In 1995 the 750 SXi also known as the JS750-B was introduced and in 1998 the JS550-C and the JS750-C.

In 2003 came the SXR-800 also known as the JS800A and in 2011 the JS800-ABF

In 2016 Kawasaki Reintroduced the stand up jet ski with the SX-R 1500 the 160HP 4 Cylinder 4 stroke was very different from the earlier models.

Sit on Models

The Kawasaki Jet Mate was introduced in 1989 and announced the full push of Kawasaki in to multi seater sit down jet ski's that could tow a water skiier or inflatable behind.

The 900 ZXi was introduced in 1995. A 2 seater model the Ultra150 was added in 1999

In 2000 came the Jet Ski 1100 STX D.I. and in 2002 the high performance 1200 STX-R is added.

In 2003 the STX-12F is launched and in 2007 the 3 seater model the Ultra 250X.

Current models are the STX160 the STX-15F the Ultra LF and the Ultra 310X


Kawasaki has online and downloadable manuals available direct from their website. The owner's manuals appear to be free but you have to purchase the service manuals.

Enter model and year at this portal to get the PDF's  Kawasaki Manuals

This link seems to provide free downloadable service manuals Download boat manuals.com

You tube is a great resource for video's showing how to perform various service and repair tasks, here are a sample of the most popular ones for Kawasaki Jet Ski models: